Many of us could be finding it challenging right now. Maybe we're not hitting the goals we've set, we might be feeling off or down, disconnected or demotivated. The external circumstances of our world right now are unique to say the least and could easily be throwing us off.

So we need to take control over the controllables, we need to remember the power we do have, the difference we can make, the next step we can take.

Here's 10 things to keep in mind when you're feeling off and want to get back on track:

1. Feel your feelings.
Validate and acknowledge how you feel. Nothing perpetuates our pain more than trying to pretend it's not there. What you resist persists. So feel. Allow yourself to feel how you're feeling. You're not crazy or less than anyone else or wrong for having feelings. You, my friend, just have a bad case of being human :)

2. Know that they pass (everything does).
Our feelings are not here to screw with us, they're here to give us a signal, be responded to and go on their merry (or miserable) way. So once you feel them fully, let them go and free yourself to continue with your day.
3. Change is a choice.
You are under no obligation to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago, you're under no obligation to change either. We are the sole masters of our experience. No one else, nothing else. We are in the driver seat and we get to decide our next step, our next mood, even our next thought. Whether we use that power or not, is also a choice.
4. Help is available. (Ask for/use it)
You can reach out, you can connect with others, you can express yourself and get the help you need. There are so many resources available now online and many willing helpers waiting to hear from anyone who needs them. So scary and uncomfortable as it may be, do it. It's so worth it.
5. Fear is false evidence appearing real.
It might be very convincing but if you're not in actual immediate danger right now, then it's probably talking shit. And your ears and mind deserve better than that. When fear and anxiety are getting loud - it's your opportunity to bring in love and reassurance even louder. What does a scared child need? What would you say to a friend? How would you reassure someone else? You have the answers, you just gotta use them on yourself.
6. Everything you need is within you.
As Tony Robbins says, it's not the lack of resources that stops us it's the lack of resourcefulness. You've got it all, you've just gotta start using it. Inner wisdom, strength, resilience, tenacity, determination, commitment, confidence, persistence - you've probably called upon at least some of those before if not plenty of other incredible attributes too - they're all in there and they're ready when you are.
7. Shift your focus, shift your state.
We could very easily slide into doom and gloom if we continuously focus on how terrible we believe things to be, so luckily that's not our only option. We could also choose to focus on what we want, what feels good, what's positive, what's helping, what we can do for ourselves, how we're doing well despite it all etc. So, what do you want more of? Focus on that.
8. What do you actually need?
Check in with yourself, what are you missing right now? Are you covering the basics - sleep, water, nutrition, movement, fresh air? Do you need more music, more silence, more stillness, more movement, nature, sunshine, connection, rest, screaming into a pillow... Listen to your needs and act on them.
9. Do the things.
You probably have things that you know help - maybe meditation, breathing, journaling, talking to a friend, colouring, dancing, working out, getting help - write a list of things that help you and when you're down, pick one and just do it for 5 mins and if you want to go back to how you were before, you're welcome to, but just give it a chance to help you first.
10. Gratitude.
Find something to be grateful for. Then find 5 more. Practice gratitude often. Gratitude will shift your state and lay strong foundations for a whole perspective shift. Even if you're not feeling it at first, commit to the practice and trust it'll do it's thing.

There is always a solution. (or sometimes, at least 10!)

Feel free to just pick one and focus on it and you can always come back and do another one, they might resonate differently at different times.

Photo by Johannes Rapprich from Pexels