With our poetry book coming soon, we wanted to give you a sneak peek into some of the poetry we've compiled with a collective of over 20 inspiring poets.

We'll have more details to share shortly so keep an eye out, but for now enjoy!


Like so many times before,

Strolling along that grassy patch,

Heading for your shore

Daytime fading beneath the sky,

Waves crash in,

Combined with seagulls cry

Moments like this,

You long to freeze,

Being swept away,

On this journey’s breeze.

~ Kåre

Seek the Hero

One year ago today

Was when the spark was lit

A dream of what may

Should such a vision merge with grit.

Created from abundance

Despite material lack

The money's where the mind is

No fear to give it a crack.

You must venture in the forest

If you wish to find the path

And once you're in you'll learn

To make your own way and follow that

There is no map to get there

Just a treasure you must seek

And when you take the leap of faith

You'll find diamonds in every creek.

Paddy Freeman

Just Listen

Just listen,

Immerse in the precision of intuition

The network of nudges delicately directing

To an already paved way.

Just listen and stay

Positioned patiently in the fullness of the present

Gifting the mind’s ear with the soul’s voice of intent

Mute the mindless chatter, dedicated to distraction

Instead, allow the sounds of sensibility gain traction

Just listen, listen deeply

Hear and adhere to the inklings

The signals, the gut feelings,

Flow with the inherent understanding

Life is constantly revealing

The resounding offer of true transformative healing

Detach from the din of destructive dialogue within

And give yourself a chance to begin


Just listen.