All About YEW

Pat’s programme helps students:

  • Understand the importance of having nothing to hide
  • Learn different ways they can express themselves
  • Understand how they can regulate their emotions
  • Deal with bullies and negative influences
  • Find the power of choice through meditation

Pressure Proof Your Performance

Annika’s programme helps students:

  • Set clear goals that motivate them
  • Build self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Deal with negative self-talk and negative emotions
  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Become more calm and focused in pressured situations

Finding Purpose Through Yoga

Robyn’s programme help students:

  • Connect with their true values through yoga practices
  • Find peace in the present moment through breathing
  • Let go of insecurities and anxious thoughts through movement
  • Find more joy and gratitude in their everyday experience
  • Connect with their inner voice and true purpose

Managing Your Mind

Maria’s programme helps students:

  • Get to know themselves better and understand who they are
  • Understand their emotions and how to express them in positive ways
  • Find the courage to go and seek help when they need to 
  • Appreciate what they have in life 
  • Know they are not alone in their struggles 

Optimising Your Day

Daryl’s programme helps students: 

  • Feel more energised in the morning after a developing a new morning routine 
  • Reap the mental and physical benefits of good quality sleep
  • Understand the effects different foods have on their mood and concentration 
  • Improve their concentration and focus through simple meditation practices 
  • Build healthier relationships with technology

Visualising Your Future

Cormac’s programme helps students:

  • Find motivation for life by uncovering their purpose and passions
  • Take more responsibility for creating their future
  • Become the ideal version of themselves
  • Feel more gratitude for their everyday life
  • Take action everyday to move towards their goals

Breathing For Performance

Leo’s workshops help students:

  • Reduce their levels of anxiety, depression and panic attacks
  • Reduce their levels of overall stress
  • Improve their sleep and brain function
  • Improve their performance in school and in sport
  • Increase their ability to remain calm in high-stress situations